Fun question: Do you wear rings on the job? - page 5

Just a curious poll! I'm a new nursing student, and see a lot of gals (and guys too!) who wear rings while on the job. How about you? Michelle :)... Read More

  1. by   bubble
    I wear just my wedding rings and I also keep fingernails short to protect pt. and myself.------BUBBLE.
  2. by   xiaoqi
    I'm a nursing student also but i don't wear a ring.
    Even if i pass out i also wounldn't wear cause i don't want my ring to get dirty or gems when i doing procedure or attending pt.
  3. by   Meds Queen
    I only wear my wedding and anniversary ring. They both have smooth settings and the gloves are easily applied and discarded. I save my other rings for personel use.
  4. by   GlindaGoodWitch
    i don't like to wear my rings to work obviously because of the constant handwashing. also because when i go to put on gloves, the rings rip the gloves! so annoying. i just don't wear them anymore.
  5. by   panda_181
    I used to wear 2 rings, but I lost one. I do wear 1 it's not a wedding band, but it is a plain band, so no crevices for gross things to get into. And nothing to scratch patients!

  6. by   nursedawn67
    Yes I wear my rings to work, I also am sure to wash around underneath and even the ring itself carefully. I also will use hand gell or alcohol wipes on my scope, watch, rings and whatever else I feel needs a good cleaning. As far as scratching patients I turn the ring into my fingers, so not to risk scratching my resident, which has never happened.