from small hospital to huge teaching hospital...

  1. Hi guys!
    I am going to do a big transition in my nursing career. After working 2 years right off school in a 102 bed-long termn hospital where everybody knows you and your busines; I am going to a 800-bed teaching hospital! I am so scared and anxious. First because I get lost when I get there, 2nd I forgot how acute hospital are, the fast pace, the residents. My biggest concern is the paperwork and charting. We had computer charting and that's all I know. GOSH! I hate having this fear. Isn't it hard when you are so comfortable in one place!!?? however I am leaving because I do want to learn more, the big hospital offers classes all the time and for free.
    I think I just need to relax and wait.
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    Good luck Pamelita! I bet you'll settle in fine and in another year you'll wonder what you were so worried about!
  4. by   altomga
    Good luck Pamelita....I myself work in a large hospital >700 beds and expanding.
    I am much of a "homebody" and like the unit I am on..been there 5yrs and like that I know "what I am doing, why I am doing it, and the different things I get to see" Always learning something new!
    Changing jobs might be hard, but look at the excitement for you!
    Don't worry about HOW BIG the place will be on one floor that will be "your home"!
    I agree with a yr or less you will wonder what you were worried about and feel like you've always been there.
    Good luck...let us know how it goes
  5. by   dynamicfigure

    Everyone knows that they should change the oil in their car, change their sheets, and change their underware... Change is a necessary thing in many parts of our lives, and it is good. On the flip side of change is a rut, and a wiser person than me, once said: a rut is just a coffin with the ends blown out. To many people I run into in nursing are burning themselves out in these same old ruts. I think your change, though challanging, will force you to grow and blossum greatly. That the new challanges you will face will give a new meaning to each day. Soon you should see a sparkle in your eye as well as a new spring in your step that can only come from pulling out the old growth, changing the oil that moves your soul and moving ahead into new uncharted waters. Best of luck in it all!
  6. by   ptnurse
    Change can be sooo difficult, but I think that in a month or two you will be happy with this choice. I work in a teaching hospital and I enjoy it. It is filled with interns and residents who are still learning. You can learn so much just joining the team when they round on your patients. The attending or resident will often talk extensively about sign and symptoms and pathophysiology of a given disease. They are usually very open to nursing input and I have almost never had an intern or resident pull the old "I am god because i am an M.D." routine. If you are there to learn more, you will like the teaching hospital.
  7. by   renerian
    Good luck! I worked for a teaching hospital and it was very very busy. Lots of clinical trials, new procedures, new tests. I loved it!

  8. by   rachel h
    I work for a teaching hospital and the environment is great. It's very collegial (sp?) with the residents- I find it to be very teamwork oriented. It's great to be asked for your opinion/advice by the residents about your patients. Really makes you feel like you are a part of the team. I hope you like it!