From LTC to Hospital Nursing???

  1. Any nurses out there who went from LTC to hospital nursin? How did you like the transition, and are you glad you made the change?
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  3. by   NurseLady504
    I did the transition ok. It took some getting used too and using skills you weren't before. Just stake it slow ad use your orientation to the max.
  4. by   Zee_RN
    I did it. When I started nursing in 1995, there were NO hospital jobs. LTC was the only option. I got a med-surg job in 1996. There is a world of difference but it can be done. Like NurseLady said, use your orientation to the max, ask questions, and don't expect to be super-nurse too'll take at least six months before you feel some level of comfort.

    I'm glad I made the change. I worked 3 years in med-surg and have been in ICU ever since. I have a great deal of respect for nurses who work in LTC and admire their dedication to their residents. But I do love the hospital atmosphere and the controlled frenzy of the ICU is great!