Fresh off of orientation and...

  1. it has been rough! The last 2 months my preceptor has been hiding in the shadows, allowing me to take care of 4 patients (we get 4-5 on my floor, and they give new nurses like myself 4 pts). I have been just fine. I went to her when I had questions, mostly concerning when to call the doctor and things like that. Tuesday and Wednesday were my first two days off of orientation. I was there till 8pm on Tues and 9pm last night. I had never, ever stayed that late before. On Tuesday I got a pt from PACU around 4pm while I was in the process of discharging 2 patients. Then yesterday it got crazy in the afternoon because the docs were writing order after order in a steady flow. I asked people for help (for example, I need more phlebotomy practice and usually try to do it myself, but I asked the techs for help. I went to my charge nurse or other experienced RN's when I had questions, etc). Was it the patients I had? My preceptor rarely helped me with hands-on stuff! Why am I having all this trouble all of a sudden? It is very discouraging and I feel so inadequate. I know you guys will understand. My boyfriend and family have been supportive, but I know they do get it like you all will. Anyone else had this problem?
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  3. by   Celia M
    Jen, There is nothing wrong, it sounds like you had a couple of very busy days and you handled them well, especially since they were your first days off orientation. Do not be discouraged, there will be times when you have to stay late to catch up especially if a lot happens to your patients towards the end of the shift. It sounds like you are off to a good start and will do well.
  4. by   JenNJFLCA
    Thanks, Celia! I needed some words of encouragement! I work this weekend so hopefully it will get better...
  5. by   Celia M
    Jen, Good luck for the weekend, let me know how it goes. Celia
  6. by   barbyann
    Yup, a post-op and two d/c's can throw anyone off track. Hang in and know there will be more days like that. Hoping you have a peaceful weekend.