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  1. I am interested in sites or other information on Free CEU programs. I was recently able to get all 30 of the hours required by my state for free and am excited to find more. My goal is to get all of next years free also.
    I would also be interested in any CEU sources that are on line.

    Thanks for sharing. Elaine

    If interested, a few sites (some are free) I have found are:

    If anyone is interested I'll try to add more.

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  3. by   mrh1953
    Helix is off-line at present (29 August), so I was unable to evaluate what they offer. Does anyone know if they offer home study via *books*? Or are there other sites out there that do? (I work with computers all day and the *last* thing I want to do is come home to spend still more time in front of the monitor!)

    MRH ("inactive" license; hoping to get back to nursing)
  4. by   boggle
    There is another thread running currently regarding CE's. Darn I didn't note the title of it before clicking on this thread. I'll have to click back.

    But meanwhile, I again recommend!
  5. by   boggle
    hi again, the thread is called CE Credits
  6. by   BBBB
    There are a LOT of free CEU's at
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  8. by   super lpn
    I'm trying to find out how can get some free ceu's. How did you get yours? My last job offered them for free but now my new job does not.and whats the best way to keep up with them?
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    those are great i honestly didnt even know you can get them for free!!! this is awesome thank you so muchhhhh!! if you have more keep them coming!!! my email is
  11. by   NARCAN
    thank you all for posting this websites. the jobs i had never offered them fro free. this is really cool!!
  12. by   ElvishDNP

    great for NICU, mother/baby, L&D, and antepartum nurses....and free.