For those of use New Grads not getting jobs, what do you suggest? - page 2

Everyone is my class is starting to freak out because the vast majority of us are not getting jobs in this cruddy economy, does help that I am in the northern part of the country were jobs are the... Read More

  1. by   Pepper The Cat
    Don't be picky about where you work. I know some grads (and I'm NOT saying you are like this) who only want the "exciting" areas - ICU, ER. They turn their noses up at Complex Care, Rehab etc. What they don't realize is that you can get even more experience learning how to manage the care of numberous pts, and get exposed to things like VAC dressings, packing wounds etc that you may not see in ER.
  2. by   jjjoy
    Worst case scenario & last resort, while your hubby may not be able to move, could you relocate temporarily in order to get some good clinical experience starting out? Rent a furnished room and budget for frequent flights/long drives to visit hubby? Once you've got experience, you might have more luck getting hired locally.
  3. by   dionnedillon
    try applying at the smaller community hospitals, may be about a 30-45 minute drive, i live in north carolina and got offers from the smaller hospitals, beats nothing