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I'm embarrassed to ask this, it's a tiny, detailed (dumb) question. Most Foley catheters are 5cc balloons and the tray comes with 10cc of sterile water. The leur cap (orange) says 5cc/10ml. My... Read More

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    Just a tidbit to add, I have never had it happen to me personally, but I have heard of a state surveyor actually pulling the inflation solution out of the balloon, measuring it, and checking it against what cc balloon was ordered and in place. If it was even 1 cc off, you get cited for not following doctors orders.
    Unreal ...

    The orders I get for foleys read as follows: "Foley" :chuckle

    One thing I was taught & still do when removing a Foley is to use a 10mL syringe, squirt it out, and then aspirate again, just to make sure ... Foley removal should be painless.