FMGs that became RNs---How are you adjusting?

  1. I had recently passed but my colleagues has been working as RNs for 3 years now or longer.
    I was advised never to let my co-workers know that I'm a foreign medical graduate because I will "take the heat on the floor". But WHY? Not that I will boast to others about my background or appear more intelligent than anyone else. I feel we all have to learn how to get along and work together for the benefit of the clients we serve.

    Will doctors feel the same way too if they find out? Just wondering how difficult work would be if my future co-workers learn about it. I intend to work hard and pursue the nursing career, wherever it takes me. On the other hand, I also have the option to take the USMLE.

    Your feedback is very important because it will pave the way for others to understand that the hardwork we continue to do is not for our glory but for the greater good of the patients we care for.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   Mollypita
    Can I ask why you chose to pursue nursing in this country, rather than medicine? Is it an easier route or something? I've never worked with any FMGs but I wouldn't have a problem doing so. I would think your additional knowledge and experience would be an asset. As long as you're a team player, I'd think it would be fine. Anyone have experience with this situation out there?
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Have worked with several FMGs over the years. Usually no problems at all. The ones I've tallked with have said that when they come to the US, usually their training in their home country doesn't count much and they would need to redo much of the medical education in the US.

    I have travelled and lived in several countries and am always interested in people's accents and especially their medical/nursing training in their own counties. So....I don't see this as a problem at all but rather a topic of interest. Good luck.
  5. by   rn_nxt_dr
    hello both, thank you for responding.
    for mollypita, answering your question of why nursing and not medicine. actually, after i start working, i will start to review for usmle 1 (and 3 other tests+residency). nursing actually revived my interest for medicine. long process but i look forward to it.

    and for traumarus, the above answer apply as well. after sometime, fmgs just like my colleagues decided not to pursue it. they bought a house, children in college, happy with their nursing careers because it is not as stressful. but for whatever reasons, i respect that.

    thank you that you had not encountered any disappointments. after i hear more from others, i will have a better understanding of my colleagues misguided thoughts or is it "regional", meaning different parts on the country welcome them and other parts get intimidated? i really don't know. but thank you for the feedback.