Florida nurses?

  1. Thinking about relocating to Jacksonville FL and wondering about the job market there or nearby. Any input? I'm currently an LPN if that helps. Also wondering about salaries there.

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  3. by   sjoe
    for salary info: www.salary.com
  4. by   nakitamoon
    I nurse in LTC,,,, in the western panhandle,,,, LPN salaries,,, vary form $10 to $15,,,, really sucks,,,, well as do the RN salaries,,,

    Right now see trend paying CNA's more to retain them,,,,, Its' sad to see a CNA making the same as nurse on and 11-7 shift,,,,,,

    This is not to offend CNA's,,,, I treasure mine,,,, and couldn't do my work without them,,,, but find,,, esp in LTC,,,,, companies will do most anything to retain them,,,,, (sometimes overlooking inappropriate behavior),,,,,,

    Pay seems to increase,,, the further south you go,,,, I am sorry I have had no experience with wages in Jacksonville area,,,,, It's about six hours from me,,,,, being larger city,,,, Pay may not even be comparable to my situation,,,,,

    Good luck on all you endeavor~~

  5. by   nurse555
    Thanks for the input!!!