first day on the job advice?

  1. Any tips for what to take with you or how to set yourself up to be organized in your work space, besides what they tell you during orientation?
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  3. by   krisssy
    When I took my refresher course, most of the nurses had these zip-loc bags filled with things they said they couldn't nurse without. I can't remember what they were except for the pill cutter. There have been other questions and answers on this. Anyone remember where they were. I would like to keep my own list. Thanks for bringing this up again. I look forward to seeing some answers. Krisssy
  4. by   AlsgalRN
    I use index cards. You can make quick notes for those "I need to remember that" moments. Also, you can start your cheat sheet of often needed phone/pager numbers. I also STILL carry my "nerd pack". It is one of those lovely pocket protectors with my scissors, hemostat, pens, highlighters, change for the soda machine, and a clip for my key. The index cards go into the pocket of the nerd pack. It may look a little stuffy but I always have my stuff handy. I have been a nurse x21 years. I work in an OB/GYN clinic. In the clinic, I very rarely ever need the scissors or the hemostat but I always have them!
    One of my coworkers has a small plastic covered booklet about the size of a checkbook cover. She keeps her phone numbers and important info in her pocket all of the time.
    Good luck in your new position!
  5. by   healer27
    I'll second what AlsgalRN said about her coworker carrying a small address book with doc phone numbers and stuff. At my current job as I looked up phone numbers for docs, at the end of the day I would write them in the little address book with what area they practiced in (obgyn, gasto, nephro, etc..) this kept me from having to ask repetive questions and saved time having to relook up phone numbers..
  6. by   P_RN
    Oh absolutely the address book. In addition you can write computer supply code numbers, friend's and co-worker beepers, doc preferences for rare procedures eg: size 8 gloves, xerooform gauze or whatever, You can carry it or wear a hip pack for it.
  7. by   TrudyRN
    black and red pens, pencil and good eraser, some snack bars, sanitary products if you need them, calculator if you are used to that, tapes of every kind, stethoscope, clipboard, scissors, alcohol wipes, change for the snack machines; keep clean underwear and a change of clothing in your car and tylenol or whatever you need for headaches;

    I wish you the best.