Fire-retardant vests for transporting babies in a code red???

  1. Hey, ya'll...

    I know I heard of some company that manufactures fireproof vests that have lots of little pockets to fit preemies and babies in so you can transport multiple children at a time during a hospital fire. Has anyone heard of this, or know where I can find more information? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   dawngloves
    We have these on our unit with the code equipment. I can't think of the brand or name of them right now. They're really pretty neat! But I can't imagine (and hope I never have to do it!) carrying 6 babies in it!
    I'll PM you after I go in this week.
    My nurse manager just came into the nursery the other day and showed us where they were. I don't know if they had always been there, and she just thought to get it out and model it, or if it was a new thing on our unit.

    So it looks like one of those big brightly colored vests that construction crews wear. It had 4 large pockets in it, 2 in front and 2 in back, that I would probably actually put 2 babies in each pocket because they were a little too big for me to feel comfortable putting just one baby in them (without feeling like they were gonna slide around or pop out!)

    I also wasn't comfortable with the ones in the back. They're not strapped in or anything, and you can't see them. But of course, if it's THAT, or leaving them in a burning nursery....

    I'll check on the name of the company the next time I'm at work if you want!