Finding job while in school

  1. I am taking my prereq. right now so I have no experience in the medical field but I am trying to find some way that I can gain experience. Every thing I look at says healthcare exp. required. I still have about 4 classes that I need to take before I can apply for nursing school. Currently, I only have a business background and I am trying to get away from that. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  3. by   Boston-RN
    Hey there,

    I'm in the same situation. There are CNA and/or Phlebotomy classes that can be taken. My situation is that these positions pay a fraction of what I make at my office job and I wouldn't be able to make ends meet doing either of those. I don't know where you live but in MA CNA's make approx 11/hr and I think phelb. techs make roughly 14/hr.

    I've searched the internet and found places that offer both classes. Most local red cross locations do the CNA cert for approx $700 4 weeks f/t 8 weeks p/t. Some nursing homes do the training for free if you agree to work there.

    Hope this helps - and good luck
  4. by   PhoenixGirl
    A friend of mine started at a kidney dialysis center as a patient care tech. She got her CNA and they paid for her to take her cert test. So now she works as a CNA, I think she makes like 11/hr.

  5. by   misti_z
    I gained the best experience while in school working as a 'nurse technician'. The position is available at my hospital when you are within 1 year of graduation. You do procedures, pass meds (under RN supervision), and chart.
    Check your local hospitals and clinics, esp ones you would be interested in working at once you graduate because it is a great way to 'get your foot in the door' and transition on into your RN/LPN position.