fibroid tumors

  1. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what a fibroid tumor(cervic or uterus)and how you diagnose it and the signs and symptoms please
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  3. by   oramar
    Some fibriods can be aymptomatic. They are frequently picked up on a pelvic exaim and abdominal palpatation while the person is clueless to their exsistance. They can be confirmed with sono gram, xray and in somecase biopsy. Like I said symptoms can range from nothing to sever pain and bleeding. I have heard of people carrying pregnancies to term with them while other will miscarry. I do not believe that there are cervical fibroids but I have heard of cervical polyps. In rare cases uterine fibroids can be cancerous but this is a rare occurence. The vast majaority are not cancerous. I am sure other persons will have more info.
  4. by   kennedyj
    funny One of my course case studies was fibroids vs. carcinomas.

    Fibroids are benigh tumors located in the smooth muscle and vary in size. You can almost call them the Hemhorroids of the uterus. LOL. They are usually located on the inside and outside of the uterine wall (rarely near the cervix). Most remain small. They drcrease in frequency with menapause and are higher in Blacks, people who are obese. When pregnant they enlarge rapidly.

    you can shrink them with growth hormone or Progerterone or excise them if symptoms are bad. If they cause continuous serious bleeding a hysterectomy may be considered.