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At times, I feel worried about my ability to perform adequately in this profession. Patient was admitted from the cath lab. I was confused with the access site description. There was a single... Read More

  1. by   ~♪♫ in my ♥~
    Well I'll start with: No she did not have a good reason to be pissed off. Even if the details were critically important, which they're probably not, she still had no justification for being pissed off.

    Being a float nurse, I sometimes run into nurses who manifest irritation when I can't answer all of their questions. I don't own that, though. That's their issue, not mine. I tell them what I'm able and then let it go.

    My experience is that many nurses demand far more out of report than is even necessary, particularly when many of their questions are addressed in the chart. It seems to me that some people are just looking for opportunities to ask questions which you cannot answer.

    Here are some things that might earn you the "terrible nurse" label:

    1) You divert pain medications from your patient to your own stash.
    2) You disregard changes in patient condition and fail to act upon them by intervening as you're able and notifying the physician.
    3) You ignore your patients in favor of chatting at the desk or phiddling.
    4) You ignore the 5 (or 6 or 7 or 8 or however many we're up to now) rights and give the wrong meds to the wrong patient.
    5) You punish demanding patients by taking away the call light.
    6) You lie to patients or family members for your own convenience.

    If you're doing your best and basically getting things done then you're not a terrible nurse. Are you fantastic? Perhaps not. Might you even be mediocre? Sure. But if you're sincerely doing your best and trying to improve then you're pretty solid in my book.

    Screw those nurses who see report as an opportunity to belittle their colleagues.
  2. by   nc90rnbsn
    oh no dont feel bad!!! this happens to all of this honestly nursing is a 24 hour job!! u were overwhelmed it has happened to all of us!! at least u were honest and didn't say it was an A line and she infuse meds in it or something most of the time from cath it is probably a venous sheath but its perfectly fine u said u didnt know I have left things for the next nurse too u try to do as much as u can but u dont wanna over do it to rush and get it done and cause an error u did fine dont be upset and beat yourself up . did any harm happen to the patient? did u leave her unchanged drips and bags that are about to finish? no those are things that can b a little annoying but what u did do not feel bad about ok!! Smile
  3. by   Itel
    Hey.. how it's goins as nurse now? Everything better than b4?
  4. by   Crush
    We all have that shift that goes to hades fast or something new happens or we encounter a new device, etc. That is where the nursing education team needs to come in. Seems from what you wrote there was no bad outcomes for the patient and that is the main thing. Appears you got caught between the cracks with poor report to you, new device and an oncoming nurse who needed to calm down.

    Sorry the next nurse made you feel that way, that part is on her not you. We are all here to learn from, encourage and support each other.
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