Feeling conflicted! Any advice is helpful.

  1. Happy Friday all! Going to start off by saying I've been working in my current full time position for 9 months now. I don't completely hate it (love the unit and my coworkers) but I do feel like I'm taken advantage of sometimes and it's quite draining. I'm not sure how to go into details w/o giving too much away. I've been feeling more down and exhausted lately. But I've scheduled an interview with my top choice hospital since graduation to a unit that's similar to mine now. The problem is that it's only a part time position. I don't think I can afford that right now. I was thinking of coming down to a part time position at my current job to make time for a new job but I could see some scheduling issues with that. Essentially, I'm not sure if I should throw the thought away and continue working at my job now or go to this interview just to see what happens. I wouldn't know how to approach the topic of my current job and what my plans are. Honestly, I would be happy being part time at two places (hopefully moving into a full time position later on) but I don't know if anyone's made this work. Would I bring up the fact that I would like to keep my job at the interview and bring up scheduling then? I feel like they might not want to work with me if I already have this kind of issue. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   thoughtful21
    Happy Friday!
    Here are my thoughts:
    You seem indecisive about switching jobs, and I am not able to help you make that decision. But since this is your top choice hospital since graduation, you want to make a good impression no matter what the ultimate decision is. Even if you don't start working there now, you might later!
    During the interview, I wouldn't mention that you are feeling conflicted about possibly staying part time at your old job. The new employer will be looking for an applicant that is excited to work for them, and mentioning your thoughts might make you seem indecisive. Like you said, they might be concerned that it would cause scheduling conflicts - which it would. I've worked two/three jobs before, and it's really hard to fit everything in and keep everyone happy! [bleh]
    But when a hospital hires you part time, often they'll switch you to full time soon if they like your work. And I'm sure there would be some open shifts to pick up!
    Could you stay PRN at your old job? PRN would allow you to work when you wanted and make extra money without creating scheduling conflicts with your new job.