Feel guilty about being sick?

  1. I'm new to nursing, just a nurse tech for now ... start the ADN program in the Fall. I started on Post Partum last month and love it, love it, love it ...

    But I got sick last week and let it go til it got really, really bad. See, I have another job and since it's at a desk, I thought I was "resting". So I went to the doctor yesterday and they diagnosed severe bronchitis ... and sent me for an x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Pulse ox was 93 and when I blew into that little tube (yes, I'm new, and don't know what this is called), I couldn't get the little thing above 200 (160, 200 and 190). So I'm sick, I guess.

    I just feel darn guilty about calling in sick. I know I shouldn't be on the floor coughing like this but the guilt is still there. I just know how bad it is when you're short on staff and how hard it is on everyone else. So I feel guilty. Just venting here ... thanks for listening!
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  3. by   P_RN
    Don't feel guilty at all. If you're sick you're sick.
  4. by   Jenn CLPN
    if your sick your sick. Dont feel guilty, nobody else wants the germ!! Some managers try and make you feel guilty if you call off, its your right. Theres rules about that..i hope you feel better soon!
  5. by   susanmary
    The last thing that new moms & babies need is to get sick. Take care of yourself, and call in sick when you truly are.
  6. by   yannadey
    If you're sick you should call in. I wish I did last Friday instead of going to work had to work short & almost passed out. Called in on Monday felt guilty but I was sick & still am. rest up like I'm doing hope you feel well soon.
  7. by   Disablednurse
    SC RN, Do not ever feel guilty for calling in sick. I had a pinched nerve causing sciatic pain in my hip. I put off going to see about it until I had permanent nerve damage because I did not want to call in and leave them short handed. Now I have had to file for disability because the doctors have told me I will never nurse again. Permanent pain that I must live with now and numbness in my right leg. I have wished many many times that I had called in sick and gone to have it checked out. Please do not feel guilty.
  8. by   CraftyLPN
    I only call in when I am sick.. but yet I have had employer(s) do a write up even w/ a dr's excuse...so TO avoid all the hassle..I go in sick..if I don't then I get reamed!!!