Favorite low-fat snack

  1. Have lost almost 17 pounds, but still get the munchies for sweets. Looking for healthy alternatives. My favorite low-fat, low-cal snack is:
    Mix 8-ounce thawed container fat free cool whip with two 8-ounce containers fat free yogurt. Options: spoon into fat-free graham cracker pie crust and freeze; spoon into small individual tupperware containers (makes about 6) and either freeze or refrigerate. Try lemon yogurt, lemon peel, and very sparingly with coconut on top (like a teaspoon or two.) Also, today made some with strawberry yogurt and added some chopped up berries. This snack is great.
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  3. by   callalilly
    I've found when I'm trying to lose a few pounds that just eating a very small amount of what I really want works best. Since to lose weight you need to consume less calories or burn more calories, you may as well eat a couple of really good cookies that will satisfy you!! A lot of really low fat snacks still have a lot of calories in them...
  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    This is not fat-free but close enuff and very good..can make a lunch out of it if you want.

    ~10 ounces Fat free cool whip
    1 can(15oz) of pineapple chunks in own juice, cut to size you like
    1 small box of strawberry/banana jello
    1 large container of 2% cottage cheese.

    Put it in a bowl and mix it up.

    Refrigerate, eat, enjoy.


    You can play with the ingredients any way you want.
  5. by   proud2bme
    Here is my fav:

    1. Fat free Blueberry yogurt (the lowest content sugar I can find)
    2. Plain Quaker oats (like you use for oatmeal at breakfast)
    3. Raisens (appx. 1 tsp)

    Mix it all up together and it is DELICIOUS!

    Also, if you haven't tried low fat peanut butter and love peanut butter, you should try a low fat crunchy. It is really good spread out on a banana. The potassium in the banana and the protein and other goodies in the PB makes it a good snack in the middle of the day!

    Let me know what you think if you try the yogurt snack!
  6. by   4XNURSE
    I'll have one of each, Thanks!

    Hey, Can I have some fries with that? LOL

  7. by   misti_z
    Free cool whip and chocolate gramcrackers. Put cool whip between two cracker sheets (4 crackers) and freeze. And also the Weight Watchers 'Smart Ones' cheese cake is amazing!
  8. by   susanmary
    Add one cup of boiling water to one small package sugar-free jello. Add one container sugar-free yogurt instead of cold water. Stir. Add small amount of mixed fruit. Makes around 4 servings -- under 50 calories each.

    Keep the recipes coming -- I'm looking for some variety. Don't really trust myself at this point to have one or two oreos -- will try the choc. graham cracker with cool whip (thanks for the idea.)

    Hey, I'm a work in progress. I guess we all are.
  9. by   ohlpn
    I really love the fruit flavored yogurt's out there, but because of diabetes I find they contain way too much sugar. I also try to limit my aspartame intake found in sugar-free products.

    I buy Low-Fat or Non-Fat, Plain (not Vanilla flavored) yogurt in the large containers & make my own. I add frozen, fresh & cannned, unsweetened fruit in these concoctions. I sweeten the yogurt with fructose (granulated) and sprinkle sunflower seeds, grape-nuts or other crunchies into the mix and really prefer my own, now, to the commercial brands.

    I just love this thread & will keep coming back to it for more goodies!

  10. by   susanmary
    Yum....Anyone else out there with delicious, low-fat, low-calorie recipes? The sweeter the better.
  11. by   duckie
    If you haven't tried the new Yoplait Whips Yogurt, run, don't walk to your nearest grocery store and get them. They are Heavenly. They are light and fluffy like Cool Whip. The Cherry and Strawberry and fabulous!!!! NOW, buy a loaf shaped Angel Food cake. Slice it length wise into 3 layers. Use your favorite variety of whipped yogurt for the icing putting the layers together. Total the calories for all ingredients and divide it to the portions you will be cutting it from. This is a DREAMY dessert and everyone will love it.
  12. by   shannonRN
    they all sound good....keep those recipies coming! i have to go clean the drool up off of my keyboard now!!!! :chuckle
  13. by   TooterIA
    I buy a bag of miniture(sp?) Peppermint Patties, take a few and make my husband hide the rest of the bag. Three of them are 160 calories and by the time I eat three I dont want any more. Also, thank god for Tootsie Pops! One of those kills my cravings too.