FAQ for ICU Visitors - can't find the link

  1. Can't remember (old age setting in) the thread or the link that someone wrote about setting up a page for FAQ in ICU. I visited the site briefly and found it quite good. Any attempt to make our lives easier is appreciated greatly and I would love to have copies scattered about our waiting rooms.

    This would help not only the visitors and familes but make our lives a bit easier too.

    Sometimes I need to quitcher*****in and act too.]

    Thanks for any help.
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  3. by   suzannasue
    Try www.icufaqs.org
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  4. by   P_RN

    You said for VISITORS right?

    Google had several when I entered.... List of rules for ICU visitors.
  5. by   RyanRN
    Should have made myself clear. It is in the process of being written now, someone on this board is working on the site now, put it in some 'reply' thread which I can't find at this time.

    The questions were written, all the answers had yet to be completed, but it looked like it would be a great fit in my hospital.
    Yes FAQ for visitors
  6. by   mattcastens
    I'm the one putting it together. Thanks for your interest!

    The address is:


    If you have any suggestions, let me know.
  7. by   RyanRN
    Thanks a million, I've been searching without much luck, just 'favorited' this page.

    The so-far completed ques/answers are top notch. Already spoke with some people at work about making some sort of print out/booklet on this exact topic.

    What I like best is that even after we explain everything to the families, they are in such an acute stress state, a little booklet like this can help reinforce what we are trying to teach.

    Nurses are great 'teachers' too. Appreciate your work. Thanks again.