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I work as a nurse for Head Start. This year we have started to allow 3 to 5 year olds to pass food. I personally find this disgusting and very unsanitary. This is how we do it. We put fruit,... Read More

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    Ya know, I think this is a bit much. The kids sneeze all over each other all day while playing with their toys, they stick things in their mouths after other kids have been sucking on them, and you are worried about them with the food?

    ***I do NOT put the toys they sneeze on in my mouth!!! I am required to eat the same food they eat. Therefore I do eat their germs transferred from the sneezes and coughs.

    Kids seem to do nasty things regardless of the safeguards we place. I have two of my own and I preach wash your hands after you use the bathroom, wash before you eat and yet I still catch them running out of the toilet without washing. At school, I'm sure they do the same and they have never been in the hospital for anything yet.

    Unless you keep them all in separate pods, I don't think you can keep them from sharing their juices with one another.

    OP, do you have kids?
    Yes, I have four kids. 20, 16, 15, and 12. I love my HS kids too but I don't wnt their strep throat, rotaviruses, etc. I didn't eat after my kids either. However I do share my coffee and tea with all 4 of my OWN kids.

    Parents ARE NOT allowed to bring anything HOMEMADE. It has to be storebought and if its a box cake the cooks make it.



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