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Hi there, After 5 years as a nursing student ( I failed a clinical and had to repeat a year) I am looking back at what was and what will be for the "caring" profession. What I have witnessed... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Zhakrin, I agree with your asessment of our 'higher' education system and this phenom destroyed my diploma school. TPTB would simply not 'merge' the diploma theory with the degree theory, (it's a great idea, Susy, but it seems to be two different worlds) thus when I thought I would have a BSN on graduation it was not to be. It was about power and money; the PHD university types thought they knew better than the medical school theorists when it came to nursing education. It really wasn't about the best program or helping nurses really 'learn', it was about the supremacy of 'higher' learning.

    Somehow medical schools have made this 'merge' of theory and practice ...perhaps we need to move towards this too. Diploma hospital programs combined academic college courses with strong OJT and did a wonderful job----but they are the dinasaurs now in our day. Where do we go from here?

    Great thoughts everyone...I enjoy reading all the viewpoints.
  2. by   Q.

    As you stated, if medical schools are able to combine these two schools of thought to a curriculum without being seen as exhibiting some "supremacy" of higher learning, why is it that nursing schools can't? There seems to be some discrepancy there.
  3. by   mattsmom81
    Good question Susy--any nursing educators care to comment?