Failed my NCLEX and haven't picked up a book since...

  1. I failed my NCLEX in July and I am rescheduled to take it in three weeks and I just haven't even picked up a book. I find myself depressed and wondering if I chose the right career path. Maybe nursing is too hard for me. Maybe I should look into something else...
    Has anyone felt this way or am I just overthinking? Everyone around me from school all passed on their first time and I did better than a lot of them in school, but why couldn't I have passed. I felt like I didn't know anything when I was taking it. Why do I feel so blue?? I don't want to feel like nursing school was a waste. And now it has been so long since my clinical experience, that I am feeling scared to work as a nurse, as if I don't remember a lot of things and I'll be a bad nurse. Any experienced nurses out there have any advice, or anyone who feels like me have any advice?? I need to talk to someone.
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  3. by   ChocoholicRN
    I know it's rough getting yourself back up after not passing the NCLEX, but I believe in never giving up. If you read some of the other posts on the NCLEX thread, there are people who have taken the exam 2, 3, 5 even 7 times! I would suggest recheduling the exam for a later date, if possible, and enrolling in a Kaplan course. They teach you how to answer the questions and eliminate options, which is half the battle when taking the NCLEX. You can know all there is to know about nursing, but when they present you with 4 options that all seem correct, its important to know how to choose the right one. Don't give up, just give yourself the time you need and you will pass!! Good luck!!
  4. by   GeminiTwinRN
    you're right. it does sound like you need to talk to someone, and i hope you'll consider talking with a professional. (not just us professional nurses, ) it sounds like you're depressed. have you had depression before?

    what have you been doing since july? are you working at all?

    you have 3 weeks left. you may need to reschedule the test again, you still have that option without losing your money, i think. the most important thing you can do is set yourself up with a "work" schedule for studying. you have got to get past this failure feeling and the way to do that is to study and do it with confidence. you CAN pass the test! the skills will all come back to you once you are in orientation.

    once you start seeing the results of your studying and can answer the online tests or qbank or trainers in the passing range, your confidence should shoot up. then you'll know you're ready to re-take.

    3 weeks after not even lifting a book in almost 4 months is very little time. coupled with your depression (or "blues" as you put it), the combination is bound to add additional stress. most meds for depression will take about that long to begin to have an effect. you may be able to lift yourself out of the mood by gaining confidence and just doing what it's going to take to pass the test, only you can know that by trying it.

    lastly, you are not alone. lots of people have been/are in your position. check out the nclex forum here and take a look. you may get some additional ideas there. are you taking a prep class like Kaplan?

    good luck!
  5. by   SarasotaRN2b
    You passed nursing school!!! That is a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT! Of course, you can pass this test...although I do agree with leslasic that you should talk with someone and push up the test. I work with nursing graduate like yourself...she has been working as a PCA and now seems ready to start seriously reviewing for the NCLEX (and she never took it! although she graduated over a year ago). You can do it! God put this dream in you, and He wants you to achieve it.

  6. by   SuesquatchRN
    First make an appointment with your doctor and then pick up your review book.

    It's a blow to fail something as important as the boards. But you know what? As smart as you are, you'll pass.
  7. by   tee_byrd
    I know how you feel about failing the exam. I did not pass the first few times I took it and I felt like I was not as smart as everyone else who passed, but I picked myself up and continued to study cause nursing was something I love and want to do. It was and is a long journey but at the end you will so accomplished. Just have faith in GOD and yourself.
    I agree with everyone else in regards to rescheduling your exam. I think that you should try to take the test again and dont be discouraged cause even the best and smartest nurse fail the test a few times before passing the exam. You need more time to study. I also suggest taking a review class and doing alot of questions.
    I recently took the exam and there were herbal drugs, disaster planning, bioterrorism and check all that apply questions on the exam, I suggest reviewing those things as well and study your labs.
    I will keep you in my prayers and I hope that you pass your exam the next time that you take it. Good luck:spin: