FACT OR FICTION : About Scantron Checking Machines

  1. I just took our local licensure examination for nurses here in the philippines. I think I have 2 or 3 Numbers on the first test which I failed to answer because I skipped them and ran out of time.

    Now, Almost everybody is telling me that the MACHINE WILL STOP if it fails to read the pencil lead. So If my number 6 has no answer, The machine will only count my numbers 1 to 5.Now I am really anxious about this. There is no stipulated rules on our examinees guide that leaving a blank will cause the machine to stop.

    The only rule is that you cannot shade 2 boxes in one number and that will cause nullification of your exam.

    I hope someone will give me an insight about this. The Philippine regulation commission uses SCANTRON or PEARSON VUE machines in checking our papers. I haven't heard of this machine-stopping information since yesterday. It is really killing me.
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  3. by   moongirl
    not true here. the only thing that I have seen mess up a scantron is a double strike, or if you imcompletely erase an answer. And veen in that instance, it just doesnt count that one answer. I have accidentally skipped filling in a bubble before and it only effect me in the sense that I missed that one question.
  4. by   casualjim
    Not true. If the numbers come out weird most instructors will give the test a look as well. If you've got 50 marked answers, and the machine ignored 45 the instructor will probably run it through again.