Eye Surgery?

  1. This is a new one for me. My mother has glacoma.......? sp.........anyway, she has been treated for over a year w/ eye gtts.
    Now the doc says the pressure has been getting greater.......and he wants to "drain" the fluid from her eyes? Now, this is my mothers interpertation. I haven't talked to him.
    Does anyone know who this is done? She's suppose to have the first one done 2/4.........
    HELP......I'm curious and a little afraid. It's my moms eyes!
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    Sorry I can't help, but thought I might BUMP this for you in hopes that someone else will see it and reply...
  4. by   ageless
    It is called a trabeculectomy and it does relieve pressure from the eye by creating a "new drain". It is usually done as an out-patient.

  5. by   TX Guy

    In AnP we just learned that Glaucoma is a buildup of pressure in the anterior portion of the eye (between the cornea and lens)
    The fluid is "Auquious Humor". If it helps you feel better the cornea is supposedly easily replaced because there are no blood vessels present, so I could see draining it out as not that dangerous a situation.

    Good luck

  6. by   P_RN
    My hubby faced that until his ophthalmologist changed him to a new drug-XALATAN...a few years back. His pressures have gone from 26-28 down to 15-17....and no change in field of vision at all. Doc says it's the next thing to a miracle.