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  1. Have any of you completed the ADN or BSN program from Regents College? Even though it is NLN accredited, some nurses dismiss these programs as substandard. For those who have graduated from a traditional campus program, how do you feel about working with those who have earned an external degree?
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  3. by   MickeyI
    I have an ADN from Regents College, now known as Excelsior College. I had a BS in Biology already and had returned to college to pursue a nursing degree, but moved several times with my husband and had to start over and be on waiting lists to enter a new program, so I decided to go with the Regents program.
    After you graduate, it really doesn't matter how you got there. You take the same boards and should have the same basic knowledge pretty much. I have had no problem either in finding employment nor problems with peers.
    In some ways it is a little more difficult to go with the external degree because you don't have the clinical, nor actual classroom experiences and this had some effect for me and I had to try alot harder. I also had to research and find all my study aids and information- unlike traditional degrees in which most of it is presented to you.
    Over all it takes alot of disipline and hard work to go either way, but the same result.
    Good luck!
  4. by   res04lly
    I will be starting regents program in may and to be very honest with you there are more liscensed individuals who are now doing this type of program than the traditional. I would not worry about what other people think. When i figured out the cost and included daycare, wear and tear on my car, books, uniforms, lost wages and all the extra's that pop up, these programs are the same if not cheaper to do. I will give you a number to the lady i work with right now who is just awesome her name is Tammy Cook and her number is 1-800-759-5947. she is just to awesome, tammy will answer any of your questions, get you any information you will need to make your decision as to what works best for you. I think it's pretty nice to be able to sit in your own living room and study and not have some crabby instructor breathing down my neck.I do this at my own pace not someone elses and if i am sick or have plans i don't have to worry about what assignment is due in the morning. I feel like I have the control and not a school of nursing who is looking for some way to bounce just because they don't like me or my care plans or whatever. As far as the other nurses who feel you are not as qualified it's their problem because i've seen what's coming out of the traditional programs and even oriented some new BSN and ADN's and my experience and knowledge as a seasoned LPN is much better. I even took a part time job at the area hosptial so that when it came to the practicum i was comfortable with the hospital setting and the skills i needed refreshing i will get with my job. So don't let what other people think keep you from doing what works best for you. Oh and by the way they have no interest or low interest loans that will help you pay for schooling and they are guareented with a money back promise if you don't pass the testing on your courses, never saw that offered with the tradtional programs You have postive support systems all along the way, sure bets the frustration of all the negative stuff you get when your in a tradtional program.Tammy is great and she will help you, so give her a call at 1-800-759-5947 and ask for Tammy Cook and she will fix you right up and tell her barb sent you