Experiences with Army ROTC/Army Nursing?

  1. My daughter is thinking about going in to the Army ROTC to help finance her BSN program at a Cathloic University? Interested in any and all experiences with ROTC or Army Nursing, both good and bad.Thanks for your input....
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  3. by   LoriUSAFRN
    I don't know much about the Army end of the military, but as a 15 year Air Force nurse, I have to say, military nursing definately has many things to offer a nurse, esp. someone who is intent on having nursing as a CAREER versus a job. Some of the positives:

    1. Respect-you are recognized as an officer first then a nurse
    2. Job security (you've probably never heard of military nurses getting laid-off)
    3. Pay-comparable esp. after you get some rank
    4. Patriotic service to country-I've always felt extra respect by fellow nurses for wearing the uniform
    5. Support of continuing education all services require master's degree for promotion to higher ranks and support efforts in a variety of ways. Continuing education is also mandatory (at military expense)
    6. Wide variety of opportunities (you can't stagnate-you're always being challenged)
    7. Leadership opportunities early in career
    8. Military benefits-travel, etc. 30 days leave a year, veteran's benefits, retire at 20 (I'll be 43 when I have my 20 years in-young enough to start a second career and getting a check for roughly $2,000/month for waking up in the AM)

    No job is perfect, but right now you couldn't pay me enough to go and work in the civilian world. I joined the Air Force just because I wanted to do something different but had no real plans on making it a career. But for all the reasons listed above, I've stayed. The Army is more rigorous than the Air Force in many ways, but I hope this gives you some useful information. Plus, your daughter could always go Army ROTC and switch to the AF after graduation!!!!
  4. by   CardiacRN
    I did it for 2 years of my BSN and got out. It was simply not for me, and I don't regret it for a moment.
  5. by   Navy Nurse
    Don't know that much about the Army, but agree with what Lori was saying. The ROTC is a great way to pay for school and get military experience. Having been in the Navy for 22 yrs now, of course I am partial to the military, but I also know that it is not a lifestyle for everyone. You can get sent to some pretty desolate places and hard duties, but it can also be a rewarding time in your life.
    Of course, I believe she should go Navy, everyone knows we have the better looking uniforms. :-)
  6. by   Dean4743
    Thanks to you all that took the time to write. My daughter is more determined to go for it. Wish us luck:-)