Evil secretaries from hell...Do you know one as well? - page 2

I work 7pm-7am and this evil secretary that works days comes in 30 minutes early, starts yapping about crap being out of place from our chart checks, and demands her "spot" where other nurses may had... Read More

  1. by   gonzo1
    Just one, on a travel assignment. I really let her upset me, make me cry. Now, I realize how stupid it was for me to be upset.
    If she didn't like me, for whatever reason I didn't need to get upset. I realize now that I should have just killed her with kindness. She was mean because she was in horrible shape and probably had a rotten life.
    Next time I encounter this I will take a different perspective and not take it personally.
    It is true that the only person who can make you feel bad is yourself.
  2. by   RNperdiem
    As long as the secretarial work gets done, I am fine.
    Somedays even a grumpy secretary is better than no secretary at all.
    I recently had a day with no secretary. Guess who has to answer all the phone calls for the 16 bed ICU and answer the door for visitors? There is nothing like an endlessly ringing phone when you are in an isolation room.