Evidence-Based Practice

  1. I am trying to encourage the other nurses at my workplace to incorporate the use of evidence-based practice when providing education to our clients. What are your facilities doing, to encourage and improve nursing assess to recent research studies?
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  3. by   Joycean
    The company I work for is very big on evidence-based practice. They have a research dept that encourages and assists with each aspect of a project, including the stats. Our policy council makes recommendations only after reviewing research and what is being practiced in the region as well as the nation. A recent example is the ban on atificial finger nails.
  4. by   dwoodruff
    Actually using research is a tough one for nurses. I've foune that many nurses do what they've always done, because that's how they were taught.

    Some suggestions:
    Work with your manager to develop a "Tips & Timesavers" bulletin board where you can post research findings that actually save nurses time.
    Involve your physicians -- ask them for research articles that validate changes in treatment strategies.
    Ask your manager if involvement in research is necessary for promotion up the clinical ladder (It should be).

    Keep at it. Integrating research into practice will take time and you will meet a lot of resistence from your peers, but its worth it to save time and improve patient outcomes.

    Best Wishes,

    David Woodruff, MSN, RN, CNS, CCRN
    Ed4Nurses, Inc.
    Nursing Continuing Education
  5. by   gwenith
    Okay this maysound like I am sprooking for an Aussie website but it is one of the better resources.


    Here our state goverment did a deal with the universities and linked the hospital library with the university library so that any member of staff can log onto the University's library home page and do research. it runs the other way in that anystudent from teh uni can access the hosptial library. This might be a worthwhile suggestion to put to the management of your hospital.
  6. by   sjoe
    "sprooking"?? That's a new one. Where did that word come from and what does it mean (in English)?
  7. by   glow_worm
    The ability of a nurse to provide EBP in her/his interventions (including client teaching) depends on management support. The nursing staff will need to be provided 2 things:

    1) TIME -- to research new material or use the computers and find information, print it out (if on computer), to deliver the info to the client/family, and finally to assess learning & re-teach if needed

    2) MATERIALS -- a fast/modern computer that is easy to use and available at most times. If nurses have to compete for computer time, it will be almost impossible to access the info. Additionally, you need to be hooked up to e-journals (ex. NEJM, critical care nursing journals, educational nursing journals) -- these must be available via a quick internet search, for it can be time-consuming to find materials relevant to a given client. Finally, have a printer!

    **** Better yet, keep a notebook on all relevant topics. Designate one person (or one day for a few interested nurses) to do the literature searches & file them in the notebook. Update it often with the latest medical/nursing studies. Attach quick summaries with each paper. That way, if a nurse needs to find immediate info on a given topic, she can flip through the notebook and photocopy the desired material.

    ***Finally, share relevant info with other units. Open up a dialogue so that bedside nurses can discuss new information, since many nurses read journals on their own time. Send emails with cited on-line links to relevant articles.