everything is STAT

  1. OMG!! Everything is STAT!!

    Well, of course in the OR by definition everything we do/send is classified as stat, but everywhere else, too!!

    STAT labs (so I can see them in the AM before surgery, or see them before my weekend starts, so I don't have to call/come in on the weekend)

    STAT so much, that even the STAT is no longer STAT because of all the STAT waiting in front of the line.

    Is this frustrating or what??
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  3. by   Katnip
    Well we now have super STAT. :chuckle

    I agree. A lot of docs think their stuff MUST be done NOW. But most don't even notice if it takes a few hours to get results.
  4. by   CCU NRS
    We had a lot of problems with lab for a while then the docs just told lab whatever time you need to draw my labs to have on the chart by the time I roound at 0900 then I wll order them for that time so now our labs are all ordered for 0400 and expected to be on the chart by 0900
  5. by   Agnus
    I may be mistaken. It is my understanding that STAT labs etc automatically are charged at a higher rate. (and rightfully so) Doctors and hospital can get in trouble for over use of STAT order with insurance and Medcare for this reason.

    IT kind of sounds like docs are being primadonnas, and or There is a communications problem and/or the lab etc is unduly slow with routine orders.

    IF there is a problem with routine orders then this should be investigated. There is a reason for it. Once that is discovered and revealed to all parties then solutions can be worked out.

    The doc is not GOD he/she has to undrstand that some times there are cases that take priority over his, like multple huge traumas.