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1) I had a patient pass away on Thursday, and his wife called five minutes after he stopped breathing, because she had a bad feeling. 2) I had a dream this morning that my father's best friend had... Read More

  1. by   kcb007
    I have them all of the time. I can just think of something or say to myself what if such and such happened, what would I do. And you guessed it, not to long afterwards, I'm talking hours or in some cases a day or two that exact same thing happens. It freaks me out totally. What's really freaky is that one of my older aunts has a picture of herself probably in her 20's and I look just like her and everything that she does I do, just like the premonitions, she has then as well! Crazy! Looking at her is like looking at myself except she's way older!!
  2. by   learning08
    When I was a young teen, I had a dream about my childhood best friend's grandfather. I saw him sitting by their house on a bench, and wildflowers were growing out of his face. I soon learned that he passed away.

    The strangest thing happened to me when I was in nursing school. I would call my parents once a week on a Sat. or Sun. and catch up. They live thousands of miles away. One week, I felt lead to call them up on a Tuesday after having just talked to them for a couple of hours the Saturday prior. Nothing of any significance had happened in that time frame, and there was no reason to call. I didn't even know what to say, really, besides hi, how are you etc. My father picked up and said he wasn't feeling well. When prompted, he complained of worsening right sided abd pain for the past couple of days, N&V, lack of appetite, constipation. It was late at night there, and he insisted he was just going to rest up and see how it goes in the a.m. Needless to say, I immediately suspected acute appendicitis and told him to call the ambulance and go to the ER without delay. I said I would call back within 15 minutes if if the ambulance had not been contacted, I would call one in for him whether he wanted it or not.

    He went to the hospital and had to have an appendectomy right then. The surgeon reportedly told him that had he waited until the a.m., chances were his appendix would have ruptured. My mother thought my random call saved his life. I had had appendicitis myself at 12 years of age, my appendix ended up rupturing, was hospitalized for a month after surgery with peritonitis etc. and almost didn't make it.
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