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So... how bad was it? And while you are at it, ever BEEN a patient? How bad were you? :chuckle Com'on... be honest!... Read More

  1. by   JWaldron
    Quote from TweetiePieRN
    LOL!! No, but she did insist I take mom for a walk around the halls
    Did you say 'walk her around the stalls'?:Snow:

  2. by   StuNurseUP
    This story might be off thread... but when I had my daughter my labor partners where my:Grandmotheran Fnp and Nusing instructer, my aunt an RN w/ a phd and a Nusing insructer, my other Aunt an RN who was a Nurse Manager in the facility and my friend CJ an L&D nurse and lactation consultant. My nurse was new and scared to death...my labor partners fixed my Iv, changed out my bags, and did other care. When it was time to deliver the doctorcouldn't be found- My gram said "Thats OK, I'm a liscensed FNP! I can do the delivery!" My nurse just about passed out!