Ever Been Told to"Rewrite" Legal Document?

  1. OK, here goes, I hope this does not get locked down even before it starts, but I think it is IMPERATIVE to actually get an idea of how pervasive this practise may be. I know this is highly illegal, management know this also, and the state regulating bodies know this, but it is still happening and does not seem to be reported or enforced ,after being reported. In my own case, I was fired for refusing to rewrite a legal document that would have required the facility to report themselves to the state AND I reported this to the state. I luckily have protection from a WI retaliation protection law.My case is still in the court system.

    I have read several posts about other nurses' experience with the same type of demand from their employer, any body brave enough to share their experiences? No need of course to mention, names ,dates or places.I just think it is really important to get a feel for how common this is and nurses responses to this.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I have been a nurse for 16 years total and no, I have never been asked to "rewrite" a legal document. Wouldn't do it if told too either. You are right though in that we can not provide legal advice nor do I think anyone is going to spill the beans if it is going on...at least not on the internet. Please take care of yourself.