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  1. again i turn to my allnurses support group for help.....i have been working on my floor for a little over a year now. the majority of my shifts are eves, but i do midnights every now and then...for many of the evening shifts i am in charge...i was finishing up my midnights this week and my manager asked me if i was interested in straight evening charge. i told her that i really didn't want to work full time (now i work 48 hours every 2 weeks and can usually pick up 2 eight hour shifts a pay...get more money for those extra shifts). she offered it to me for four days out of the week with weekends off. i really enjoy being able to do midnights for holidays...but i really only have christmas left...my honey is going to be a pharmd and wants to do a residency which would mean moving around june...i'm not sure if she knows that i might be leaving in a couple of months...don't know if that would change the offer. i plan on discussing this with her, but haven't had the opportunity yet. i also want to talk with our old evening charge (she did it for like 20 years) and get some input from her. i also feel kind of young, like i haven't learned enough yet...and at the same time know that this could be a wonderful learning experience. i've started my own list of pros and cons, but would really appreciate hearing some words of wisdom from those who have experienced this first hand. i know some of you will say that only i can make that decision...i totally hear you, it just helps to have someone in the profession who is nonbiased to bounce ideas around with!
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  3. by   live4today
    Being charge nurse isn't so bad.....depending on how well your place of employment treats their nurses.....and especially the NM on the unit.

    I've been charge nurse on all three shifts before on a rotating basis, and actually prefer charge on the evening shift.

    Don't cut your family life short just to appease the NM though. Work what's comfortable for you and your family life......otherwise....they may suffer while your unit gains the best of you.....leaving you too pooped to pop after those long shifts.

    Whatever you decide, I wish you well! :kiss
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Is the flexibility of being able to pick up those extra shifts at your convenience a major factor? If so, you may want to graciously decline. If you value the idea of not swing shifting constantly, then there's a point in its favor. So many pros and cons. I suspect your NM would be grateful to have you for whatever length of time.

    As far as being charge, do you carry a pt load in addition to your charge responsibilities? Are your fellow evening shift nurses competent and skilled to the point that you can lead them without having to spoon feed? You know what your situation is there; I was offered evening charge on my unit and turned it down solely based on not wanting to be in charge of that particular bunch of coworkers and either defacto or by default assuming some measure of responsibilities for their screwups.

    Good luck on your decision!