Even Longer waits in Pittsburgh ERs on the horizon!

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  3. by   kaycee
    Will be interesting to see how this plays out. UPMC already has given mega bucks to keep St.Francis North open. Some say UPMC will just take it over. I don't think the WestPennAllegheny system has the money or desire to take on St. Frannie's debt and problems. Don't know if UPMC wants St. Francis main either. If it goes, so goes the main mental health, and drug and alcohol facility around. I hope it will survive.
    As for crowded ED's boy that's already a problem. We all don't have staffed beds now. If Frannie's goes oh boy, I hate to even think about it.
  4. by   oramar
    Now there is a chance, with new goverment funds being released for hospitals that are critical to their communities maybe they can hang on. Low income people are having such a difficult time getting mental health care now it just can't get any worse. My cousin lost her job over Central Medical when it went down but mananaged to transfer to ST Francis. She is a highly expericed nurse and would have no trouble getting a job but everyone she talks to expects her to take a pay cut.
  5. by   TCW
    This thing with St. Francis is really sad. My mom works there...She's not a nurse, but if they wind up closing she will be out of a job and she's pushing 60 so it'll be tough. I can't see UPMC taking over with everything that's going on with the Health Plan & all.

  6. by   thisnurse
    UPMC is the logical choice for a takeover, unless some out of state company buys it. I agree, I cant see West Penn Health having enough to buy them out. I just hope the alcohol/drug unit stays open. Thats something that is REALLY needed in our city.

    I dont see their closing having that great an impact on emergency room waiting time. We get tons of their patients as it is.
    Its not the diversions that increase the waiting time, its the IDIOTS that think the ER is their own private 24 hour doctors office. I had to go there the other night for severe neck pain. I felt bad about using the emergency room when I knew there was not much they could do for me, but the pain was so horrible I couldnt stand it. Basically, I went there for relief until I could get to my doc the next day.

    The person in front of me had a rash on her hand.