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  1. Havent watched this show in a very long time but caught it last week because the storyline was combined with my favorite - Third Watch. So now I have a question....... whatever happened to Mark Green's & Elizabeth Corday's baby. Last I saw she was getting better in the hospital after swallowing her sisters drugs.

    Can anybody fill me in?

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  3. by   dawngloves
    I think that story line kinda dissolved. They mentioned that she was fine a couple of weeks ago and that she said DaDa. (her first word).
  4. by   Mary Dover
    Mark was in Hawaii for R&R with both kids. At the end of last week's episode, Elizabeth got a call from the older daughter to tell her Mark's health is detiorating. She's on a plane to Hawaii.
  5. by   Gomer
    Elizabeth gets to Hawaii (which I think will be shown this Th). In last week's episode the ER gets a letter from Mark which Carter reads and at the end of the letter is a "ps" from Eliz. saying that Mark had died. So I guess this Th night's episode will be flashback.

    To bad...I give the show another year at the most.
  6. by   -jt
    Ok thanks. The episode I saw to start the Third Watch storyline also had her getting the worried phone call & running off to Hawaii. It didnt seem like she had the baby with her so I was wondering if ER had gotten so maudlin that they killed the baby off too. Thanks for clearing that up. let me know when Sally Field is coming back & Ill catch it again. ; )
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  7. by   Cubby
    And people talk about folks who are addicted to daytime soaps!
    We are no better are we?