ER to OR switch...need advice

  1. Ok, I've been an ER nurse for awhile. I love it, but I'm getting a little burned out. I'm a little tired of the 7-7 shifts and every-other-weekend thing. I'm a little tired of having a half dozen REALLY sick patients (and several dozen others) in triage that need to go back, and no where to put them. I'm REALLY tired of the "I've had this pain for a year" and I thought on the busiest day I'd come to YOUR ER....... I'm whining, I know, but I'm a little tired....
    So... I got an offer for days, no weekends/no holidays. But... in an OR. Never done that before. This is going to be a REALLY big change for me.
    Any advice from those who have gone ER to OR or another such different specialty change? I'm a little afraid of culture-shock.
    I'm still going to stay ER PRN for the "excitement". I can't leave my first love.
    Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

    TX ER RN
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  3. by   lita1857
    GO FOR IT!!!! your same critical thinking skills-medical broad age range background will serve you well. Think of the trauma experiences from your ER in a more controlled setting...what's the worst that could happen??? you could hate it and make another choice or go back to what you know. But what if it gives you a break, makes you more marketable....what if you love it??? We only go around once...let us know how you make out ....good or's about the lesson! best wishes
  4. by   TracyRN
    I know how hard it is to contemplate going from the known & comfortable to the unknown. I'm heading out to OB next month after eating/breathing/sleeping med-surg since I started nursing. Took me about 2 months of information gathering and 2 interviews to finally decide so don't feel bad about taking some time to be sure.

    Best of luck to you,

  5. by   TXERRN
    Thanks for the words of advice. I start 2/21. I am still a little afraid, but I think all will go well. I hope. I'll let you know....

    TX ER RN