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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just moved to Charleston and start prereqs in August. I've been looking for a job in healthcare with no luck so far. Most hospitals seem to want one or two year's experience, or to have already completed nursing fundamentals. I haven't sent any applications out yet because of the requirements. I have zero healthcare experience, what are some things I could apply for? Thanks Brandon
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  3. by   wonderbee
    Just keep your eyes open. Every once in a while, something pops up. When I was in your position, I applied for and was offered a job as an activities assistant at a rehab. It didn't require health care experience but did require BLS/CPR certification.
  4. by   nursemike
    I got my job pushing beds with a high school diploma and some good references--no health care experience at all. I thought I was applying for facilities engineering! Some of our aids have been hired right off the street, too. Laundry, dietary, and housekeeping can be a foot in the door, but probably not ideal if you'll be in nursing soon. Still, it's a way to show you can make it to work reliably, which is a big plus with patient-care positions.
    You won't get hired anywhere if you don't apply.
    Some people around here got EMT training by joining a volunteer fire department, and qualified as aides that way.
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  5. by   purplemania
    being a unit clerk or nurse aid will teach you VOLUMES about hospital protocol and practice. We see EMT I would ask to speak to a recruiter, tell that person about your goals, and see what they offer. Good luck!
  6. by   AcosmicRN
    You're doing the pre-reqs now, what about a CNA course in the summer? Then you would be qualified to be hired as an aid.