english essay. please help

  1. My goal for my paper is to determine what sort of writing goes on in nursing? I need to interview two nurses in two different fields and i know none.
    I need to know
    1. How much writing (researchpapers,etc.) goes on? little or fair amount
    2. Where do the assignments come from? (personal interest, assigned)
    Who assigns?
    3. Does it require going to a librar and digging up information?
    4. Do you know before you take a job if writing is going to be part of the job?
    5. What kind of writing is done?
    6. does it happen in groups or individually?
    if you can help me I would be very grateful.
    Last i need to know your credentials in the field and what field your in
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  3. by   ScarlettRN
    I do a great deal of writing in my capacity as a nurse...in the ER. We all do narrative charting. When an incident happens and a nurse has to break down what happened, you will see the writing style of that individual.
    To the best of my knowledge, hospital nurses don't normally write papers, per se. We do write olicies and procedures, but reading those will only tell you if the typist proofreads.
    I guess I don't know exactly what you have in mind.
  4. by   healingtouchRN
    I (chart) write in nursing short hand like all nurses do. But when I write a class, it's done professionally with headings, topics, beginning, middle, summary & closure. I like Power Point presentations, it get's attention & can be changed. I also have to do evals which are done with subjective & objective data, supporting why I give someone the score that I give. I also wrote business letters & memos to employees & other members of the healthcare team or family members of patients I have discharged. Lots of writing, no wonder my hand it cramping!:roll
  5. by   Mary frances
    Dear Scarlet,
    What you have provided for me is great. What i have to look for with this paper is to pretty much compare different fields in nursing as for as what writing takes place. i figured nurses such as in the er wouldn't have much to do with writing as far as "research papers", but i had to find out what is written, which you answered for me.

    Dear Healing,
    I just need to know what field you work in.
    Thanks Scarlet and Healing you been most helpful.
  6. by   Katnip
    Any nurse who is in a reasearch field would write lots of grant proposals in addition to the resulting articles and papers. That's about the only place I can think of where a nurse would be writing papers.
  7. by   purplemania
    I am in staff development and have written policies, reports using statistics, teaching plans, lots of stuff but no research other that what is assigned in school (grad school)
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    As Manager of a homecare Central Intake department, I write referrals all day. This includes writing clear, concise statements regarding insurance verificiation when a non-traditional insurance or problem situation occurs so that anyone reading it from a non-nursing background (especially billing clerks) can understand the information. Reports include weekly/monthly intake statistics and found myself assigned to do the entire HIPAA agency assessment report which turned out to be 52 pages.

    When we implimented our new computer system this past September, the technical manuel seemed to be written in Greek instead of English so I had to develop a computer data entry manual for my intake staff. Since I was new manager in Sept 02, found the Intake policy and procedure manual was last updated in 1998 and JCAHO was coming Feb 03---revamped and rewrote it as the department had changed about 75% of the processes listed in manual.

    At CEO's request in November, researched Medicare physician payment for care plan oversight using Library and heavy internet searches---created educational flyer for Physicans so well received that 3 homecare agencies utilizing it.

    Never expected to be doing so much writing at this stage of my career. Send email if more info needed.
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  9. by   TinyNurse
    I will graduate June 13, 2003 as an RN if that means anything,
    but during my nursing school, most of the papers included many references from professional journal articles or our own currently used text book, they consisted of 20pgs in length regarding diagnosis, assessment,diagnosis,planning,interventions and planning.(interventions cited)
    I've purchased and checked out other references to complete these projects, I also subscribe to two nursing journals as a student.
    Whenever I've completed the required papers i've done it in APA format like i've learned in ENG 101 and how weve cited papers and references in advanced english classes.
    i've never had a problem with instructors with this method.
    I hope this helps
    xo Jen
  10. by   Agnus
    I am working on developing a business. In that capacity I am doing a fair amount of writing as much of my business focus is on education. (health, wellness, personal/professional development. The last catagory focuses on women but can be applied to anyone's situation.
    In the last category
    I am currently working on reasearching the process of incorporation. I incorporated two businesses including my nursing businsess (the latter is not up and running yet)

    My current research focus is in the form of hands on experience. I am refining an outline for a book on incorporating it will be focused on nurses who want to start their own business but the information is useful to anytype of business.

    Yes I use libraries and profesenial indexes like CHINAL. I do quite a bit a speaking and that always requires writing.

    I am also developing forms, proposals, and educational literature that relates to my business.
  11. by   healingtouchRN
    I work as a charge nurse, FT in CCU in a midsized urban hospital. I have a PT private practice in an alternative health center as a Healing Touch Practitioner, & I also teach critical care for a university & various topics for education for my hospital. I also host a support group for Healers.