encouragement please.

  1. o.k. Before I start I will be the 1st to admit this sounds like I am whining. So, has anyone ever felt like they were in the wrong area of nursing. I love nursing, but recently switched areas due to hours and family issues. I adored my former job (I miss it dearly!), but this new job does not seem to fit and even worse I don't seem to fit with staff, which has NEVER been a issue for me in any work area. I feel like the odd man out and i am often treated as though I know nothing. (I have even had a few patient's comment to me on things they have seen or heard done toward me-which I automatically do not discuss and switch subject with them, even though embarresed-I AM ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL REGRDLESS OF SITUATION)Don't get me wrong I have so MUCH to learn, but who doesn't? I am really pondering what to do. I pretend I am happy for everyone else sake and I don't want to be a job hopper-so is there anyone out there who felt this way in a area they turned out to enjoy??
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  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    Adjusting is always difficult. Keep your chin up and keep going at it, if a month alter you still feel the same way, something is probably wrong and you could always find something else!
  4. by   GingerSue
    if you want to stay at the place
    develop a clearer view of the individuals who work there,
    try to get to know them individually
    figure out what their views are about the place overall and their own place in it

    I found it helpful, when in a chaotic work environment, to keep my own priorities clear, maintain my boundaries, and
    invite individuals for coffee after work, etc.
    (there might something wrong in the place and you find out in these more casual situations)

    good luck
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