EE anyone?

  1. Erosive Esophagitis........any hints or advice on Nursing Dx., interventions, LTG or STG. etc........??

    I have a few ideas from a care plan book, but place a higher regard on advice from real people.

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  3. by   CATHYW
    First, what is the cause, and how acute?
    Second, diet is very important-check with the MD on that. Soft, non-acid foods. Avoid anything invasive-NG tubes, suctioning, etc., unless absolutely necessary. If O2 is used, be sure that it is humidified. Keep HOB elevated at least 45 degrees. Medicate for nausea, if necessary.
    Activities and other ideas would depend on the dx-CA, GERD, ETOH, etc.
  4. by   P_RN
    I have that! Barretts Esophagitis is the next in line. No fun I guarantee you. Don't eat right before bedtime, don't try to swallow pills without liquid, don't stop your medication until the doctor tells you that you can. On the positive side since being treated for GERD/EE I have not had ONE asthma episode. They are strongly linked.

    If you want diagnosis, I guess this site is still up.