Eating our young-it has a name-Bullying

  1. Please see post Literally eating the "Hell" out of our young nurses. I include "New" nurses in this! Its called bullying. Great role model for our children, wouldn't you say?
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  3. by   iamme457
    I agree with you, it is just plain bullying. Angry people taking out their frustrations on others. As a supervisor I am really getting tired of smoothing things over for all you bullies. It is hard enough to find staff on a good day so why are you so nasty to your co-workers? Havent you noticed that many times about halfway through your shift someone gets sick and goes home? And every time you are scheduled to work more than two days in a row half of the nurses aids call off sick on the third day? It is also difficult to schedule everyone else as they wont work with you more than 2 days in a row. If we do schedule them more than 2 days with you they call off. The last 3 people that quit, one nurse and two aids did so directly related to the way you treat them, they found another job quite easily. So you know what???? I really dont want to hear that you are short staffed and you want me to pull someone from another unit to help you because you did it to yourself. Oh yeh, you have been spoken to about this and you just will not or cannot change. No we arent going to fire you, but we are looking forward to your resignation.
    Just Venting
  4. by   cargal
    "The purpose of bullying is to hide inadequacy.....anyone who chooses to bully is admitting their inadequacy." Their inadequacy may be highlighted by a new nurses fresh knowledge base or popularity with patients, or a vulnerability( what new nurse is sure of her skill? The new nurse becomes a target and a vicious cycly begins. Please see
    Also--projection and denial are hallmarks of the serial bully. Subjugation and elimination are the goal of the bully. Colleagues are either "recruited or eliminated"- to some degree.
    The cycle must be addressed and obliterated -the nursing profesion must address this to move on.
    Please go to the websites mentioned in Doc's post under Nurses eating the hell out of their young to understand the psychology of bullying.
  5. by   undoneRN
    Thanks cargal for the great url, . I have been doing research for a class project on this topic. I feel it is a current issue for professional nurses. I have been exposed to this behavior almost on a daily basis and see it spread among the other employees.
  6. by   iamme457
    ty cargal for the added insight, I totally agree with you.