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Hello all, Is it just me or does there seem to be a 'dumbing down' of healthcare that seems to be taking place in nursing and allied health schools across the country? I am taking my pre-reqs at... Read More

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    Quote from dianacs
    I don't understand why people say this. Anecdotes and hearsay aside, what do grades have to do with "communication skills"?
    (RE: A, B, C students & communication skills...)

    I totally agree dianacs...I think that this is a bunch of crap, excuses for those with lower grades...Yes, I'll probably get flamed for that

    I think that some people have busy lives, kids, family, the need to work, etc. and just don't have time to put in the studying at home... Some people can't/don't know how to study, bomb tests but "get" the material...all may earn a C grades. What I am trying to say is that there are lots of reasons people get C grades--but it drives me crazy when those that earn all As (because of whatever reason: no kids, financial support, hard work, innate ability to test and learn material, etc) get pegged for not having communication skills. I know plenty of C (and A, B) students that have the personality of a doorknob, 0 people skills. You can be a great nurse whether you get straight As or all Cs...all I want is a competent nurse who knows their stuff and is at the very least, pleasent to interact with!

    Quote (meredith T):
    ... I've never heard so much complaining that the prof expects them to STUDY and actually READ the chapters. They truly want everything handed to them, and that's been a shock to me...

    Quote (SmilingBluEyes):
    ...I think we are all being "dumbed down" to some degree along the way-
    Maybe the OP IS onto something---- after some thought, I do wonder...

    I was also surprised at the amount of people complaining about the work. I do feel that there is a sort of "dumbing down" that occurs in high school and college... I think that people have become too accustomed to having things handed to them--like spellcheck!! (which is one of my favorite things, but how will you learn grammer and spelling if a computer does it for you? Likewise, how will you learn if you don't have to read and look things up to make connections??) If everything is handed to you, how can you be expected to learn? We all want the "quick way" to the end, myself included, but I do think that in the long run it may cost us...JMO!!