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Dumb reasons? You decide... Drinking makes you feel together even when you are totally out of control. That's why you're more likely to fall or have some other kind of accident when you are... Read More

  1. by   amy_coolnurse
    I wonder if european families who routinely have wine with their meals have any increased or decreased incidence of alcoholism with their children?
    That is a very good question. I have friends in France and Holland, in France my friend says when she was a kid it was no big deal to drink, since she had wine starting around the age of 5... it was there and no big deal, she could take it or leave it. Now she isn't much of a drinker, once in a while. But, now that my friend is a parent, she says she has seen an increase in the use of alcohol for 'getting drunk' by teens in France. I believe I read that France has a highest rate of "alcoholism" per capita in the world, with Finland being #2. (must be those 6 months of the mid-night sun).

    My friends in Holland, where of course many wonderful substances are legal and or decriminalized... they say there is a bit of a problem with driving while impaired. On a personal note I don't know how one finds their vehicle after stopping at an Amsterdam "coffee shop". (It ain't coffee that they're selling there). That must be why there are so many bicycles in Amsterdam.

    My friend Sam from Holland sends me chocolate from time to time (during the mad cow thing, it was taken... darn)... anyway, he doesn't understand that he can't send marijuana thru the mail. So, maybe that is some insight, if not, just ignore me.

    Hi Rustyhammer, thanks for the compliment.