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Dumb reasons? You decide... Drinking makes you feel together even when you are totally out of control. That's why you're more likely to fall or have some other kind of accident when you are... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    One of my friends who's a recovering alcoholic, and who had a really hellish childhood, called it "self-medication for chronic emotional pain."
  2. by   indeed
    I have to agree with kewlnurse on this one. Not only are we all adults, capable of making decisions, but we are nurses as well and (hopefully) educated enough to know the effects (long and short term) of alcohol use. I realize you posted this as a tool for perhaps patient education, which is all well and good, but perhaps you should preface it as such. Otherwise, it does come across as lecturing. As for the message of your post, I don't think it is that simple. Not for adults, and not for nurses. How many nurses do you know who use/abuse some sort of substance? Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs (of the legal and illegal variety). There are many more serious questions that would be better examined on this board. And I would be hard pressed to think of a nurse who doesn't use some sort of substance to get through the day, in an almost ritual sense. Ibuprofen after work (for that inevitable daily headache)? How about Benadryl to sleep because our stress won't let us? At what point does use of a substance constitute abuse of a substance? How many people can't start their day without a cup of coffee? And why do we think of it differently when the word "coffee" is replaced with "beer"? I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on this, and not just a sound bite.

  3. by   zumalong
    betts and amy_coolnurse
    I think this was a great way to find this important site. I lost two brothers to drug and alcohol abuse and am bound and determined to prevent the tragedy with my two boys.

    I don't see why this thread is so 'lecture-like' if you don't want to hear it--stop reading and look for something that peaks your curiousity. Isn't that what this bb is about??? Learning what is interesting to you--I have lived with etoh abuse all my 40 years.

    From my grandparents to my father to my brothers. Any info that will end this chain is welcome for me--that is why I chose to read it. Thanks
  4. by   wildhoney
    I don't care about the negative comments "some people" have made. It's a good thread.

    The other night I watched a program where the parent's of teens decided to go on spring break with their kids to kinda hang out in case they're needed. Their hotels were close by. In fact the parent's take turns doing this. It could save their lives. Face it-- they're going to drink, they're going to experiment and if these parents can prevent just one drunk driving accident I feel it's very much worth it.

    These teens were captured on video...drinking, carousing, passing alcohol from mouth to mouth, etc. One girl was sooo drunk she ended up sandwiched between "two middle aged" men while dancing. These old men could've raped her. Needless to say, the next morning she was very disgusted with herself..not to mention her parents were mad and very scared for their daughter.

    I have a daughter who really, really wants to fit in. I'm afraid she may give in to peer pressure. This alone is "driving me to drink!"
    I'm with Kewl and indeed... it feels preachy. Actually, it makes me feel like I'm sitting in the bleachers listening to the dry principal deliver the day-before-homecoming speech.

    And that fact aside, the whole topic is odd coming from the member that usually posts nothing but jokes.

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  6. by   wildhoney
    Originally posted by kewlnurse
    I by no means take it as a personal attack, although i feel like I'm in high school sitting in the auditorium getting lectured. I am rally sick of the high and mighty who think acohol is to blame for a large majority of life's problems. It's a bs excuse for lack of proper parenting. As i have stated this s a lame post and has no business being here on a board of adults. And if you noticed, I am, thus far, the only one who has posted.
    So..if teens drink it's because they have lousy parents? That's so far from the truth.

    And I do not believe she said alcohol was to blame for the majority of life's problems. It is very obvious you've heard a lot of preaching. That's really your problem and not ours. Sorry.

    I'm sure if you lost someone because of a drunk driver you'd feel differently. I hope you never have to experience that.

    Her thread is about public awareness and if you don't like it then don't read it.
  7. by   indeed
    Public awareness or not, there are better ways to begin a dialogue. And do not for one moment assume that because some of us do not like the way this was presented, that we have not experienced loss related to substance abuse. I believe it is important to talk about this subject, but we get nowhere when it becomes an argument over parenting or who is more "experienced" with substance abusers. My point was that the problem extends way beyond alcohol and even illegal drug use. I am not trying to be negative here, I am really interested in what everyone thinks of this issue. It is multifaceted and much more complicated than the original post made it out to be. So what are everyone's thoughts on the ISSUE?

  8. by   betts
    It wasn't my intent to use the topic as my own, and I did see where coolnurse wasn't included in the 'Paste' so I did reply with the link; my apologies. I'm hopeful that many parents and teens alike have printed the wonderful advise from your site.
    Granted, I post jokes as well as many other informative media, but most of what I've posted has helped those feeling stressed,and in need of a laugh. You yourself have replied in the positive to what I've posted. If my post on allnurses were or are unwanted and I'm informed of such, I'll not post.
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  9. by   mario_ragucci
    There are a few legidimate reasons to start on ETOH

    1. Your board, and you "just feel like" drinking.

    2. Work gets you down, and you enjoy to drink hard at days/nights end to escape.

    3. Friends invite you to drink heavily with them.

    4. Relationship strifes are always cause to start drinking more heavily.

    5. Feelings of depression are usually diminished with a good, stiff drink.

    6. You enjoy being out of control when you are drunk or buzzed.
  10. by   micro

    way too defensive.......

    no keep on postin and stating your thoughts and opinions.....

    be serious......
    be funny.........
    be real............

    love ya' Betts,
  11. by   CEN35
    i read it.......or started to read it, and just moved on because it didn't appeal to me.
    however, betts has had some funny posts here in the past. most of which made me laugh. nobody can expect every post, to be to their liking.
    i would be willing to bet, there have been some things i have posted in the past that are turn offs.
    my point?
    i don't thik it was bad, just not appealing to most.
    so? move on?

    just my two cents.....don't take it personally anybody please! :d

  12. by   betts
    Appreciate your kindness and logic CEN35
  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Yeah, it felt kinda preachy to me too, but, I just glanced and moved on.

    Libations have been around since Christ - not going away. I do feel parents can teach their children to be responsible drinkers. The first drink I ever had was with my Dad. I wanted to know what the big deal was. He had me taste a beer. Yuck - tasted like regurgitated sawdust to me. Red wine - too thick/sweet, something. His point was that you should not drink just to be drinking. My first time going to a nite club I asked Dad what should I order that he thought I might like, he suggested a Tom Collins or White Russian. Tom Collins - mmm lemonade with a kick! That was my drink for years. But, I'm a lightweight - I have a drink maybe once or twice a YEAR.

    What was my point? Oh yeah. Parents can definitely have influence and guidance over things like this. Luckily I had very supportive and liberal parents who weren't condescending at all and were there for all of us when we wanted to know more.

    Now, this weekend after I clean the garage, I do plan on having a Bicardi Silver. mmm... tasty!