DUI's & Licensure

  1. OK Here goes. Ten years ago I got two DUI's. Now I'm pretty sure that those two won't affect me with licensure as long as I petition the boards effectively.

    Just yesterday I found out that I was accepted to a ADN Nursing School.

    New problem on July 4th I got a DUI again. This legally only counts as my 1st DUI but I know the boards will see it as my third and most recent and at the time I would potentially take the NCLEX this DUI will only be 18 months old. This new DUI will not affect me getting into school because they don't know about it and I don't think I should tell them until it gets close to the end.

    I have been waiting for three years to get into this school and I think I may have just screwed myself. Does anyone think I have a chance of taking the NCLEX and working? I don't want to waste the money if there is no chance. I haven't heard of anyone in my shoes and I just need some advice so I can go on with my life RN or not.
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  3. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    I don't know how effectively you are going to be able to petition the boards with a 3rd one under your belt. It kind of shows a pattern.

    I would suggest you stop drinking and driving.
  4. by   llg
    You should not be taking the word of anyone on the Internet for such an important question. You need to talk with the State Board of Nursing and find out the truth for yourself. Here, you will probably get lots of support and some good advice, but only the State Board itself can give you the actual facts that you need to make an informed decision about your future.

    Also, you might want to reconsider your decision not to tell your school. If the school finds out later that you hid pertinent information from them, that might mean automatic dismissal from their program. Many employers (and probably some schools) have policies that result in automatic dismissal if caught lying to them. So, be very careful about that. I personally know of one student who was forced to withdraw from her program because of an offense a bit more serious than yours (but still related to a DUI.) The fact that she told the school only part of the story and not the whole truth made the situation a lot worse for her. It indicated to the school that she couldn't be trusted -- and no one wants a nurse who can't be trusted.

    Also, the school (and/or some of the hospitals at which you will do clinicals) may require a criminal background check. When your DUI is discovered then, it will probably make things worse for you if you hadn't told the school about it.

    Hiding mistakes, covering things up, etc. is considered one of the most serious offenses someone in health care can make. In most circumstances, the "cover up" is judged more harshly than the original "crime."

    So ... I highly recommend talking to the state board (and probably your lawyer) first to get the facts. Then, armed with the true facts, talk with the school.

    Finally, I do hope you get help with your drinking problem. You may think you don't have "a problem," but anyone with 3 DUI's has a problem in relation to their judgments about drinking. Please get the help you need.

    Good luck. I hope things work out for you... really I do.
  5. by   Zinnia
    Check with your state board. Rethink,why you want to go into nursing You gotta stop this drinking and driving crap.
  6. by   sbn8tv
    Shiva, I have not been drinking and driving for quite some time. I will never drink and drive again. I usually take taxi's if I go out. So thank you, you are right. I made a huge mistake and I am a living testament to what can happen by just taking one little chance. Still... what do you think I can do to get the BRN to let me take the NCLEX?
  7. by   sbn8tv
    What kind of lawyer would deal with this kind of situation?
  8. by   nialloh
    Talk to them now, and don't hide anything. The other posters are right, only the board can answer all of your questions. Good luck.
  9. by   Gator,SN
    When you were accepted into your program, were you required to submit to an investigation from the state police or child protective agency?? I was each year I was in school. (PA) It cost about $10 for each application, but it was sent to the school, not me. Come clean with your past, or they may find out this way and you may not be allowed in the program. Call the BON, talk to the dean of nursing at your school and stop drinking and driving.
    July 4th was not even a week ago!

    Good luck!

  10. by   Shiva_Las_Vegas
    sbn8tv -

    Yes, you definately need to talk to the state board to get your information.....as the info could also vary from state to state.

    Good luck to you.
  11. by   sbn8tv

    They know about the two ten years ago. They said I could write an essay and that would be the end of it.

    Now I have a new one that I just got. (sound of me smacking myself in the head over and over) J/K

    I just called my school counselor on the advice of you fine folks and told her about it. She was like "aaaaaauuuuuwwwww" and said she would call me back.

    I will let you know what she says...
  12. by   jacolaur
    Nursing is such an emotionally draining, yet incredibly fullfilling, career. You can not go into this with all the baggage you have hanging over you. You need to be prepared physically and psychologically to undertake this path. Starting out by not being truthful and hiding something so big is setting yourself up for failure. Sit back and be honest with yourself, are you really ready for this undertaking or just want it so bad your willing to be sneaky to get want you want? I wouldn't ever want to discourage someone from pursuing their dreams but you don't sound ready to move forward into this challange. You can't hide something like this. It doesn't mean that your life is over and you can't have the dream you want but you need to come clean with yourself. Be honest ...do you have a drinking problem? Not 1, not 2, but 3 DUI's in one lifetime is a lot.... you say you call a cab? Why do you need to drink to the point of drunkeness at all? You can have all these dreams but do it the right way...get yourself squared away with your legal problems first then prepare yourself physically and psychologically and I'll bet your whole life will fall nice and neatly into place. The demands of life won't feel so overwhelmingly huge and day to day life will be easier to handle. Ok, I'm off my soap box....sorry ...but don't hide and be sneaky, and hope all you problems will go away. Be honest and take care of your business.... Be accountable and responsible for your own actions.... for crying out loud!
  13. by   Gator,SN
    Now I have a new one that I just got. (sound of me smacking myself in the head over and over) J/K
    sbn8tv, It was certainly not my intention to sound judgemental. You are trying to find answers and have taken steps to do so.
    I apologize if I sounded harsh.
  14. by   sbn8tv

    Really, it's no problem at all. I know I need harsh treatment. This is a very noble life saving profession. I could have killed someone or myself which goes COMPLETELY against what nurses espouse so don't apologize just maybe say a word of prayer for me that all will work out and I can still chase my dream of being one of you guys. I still haven't heard back from my school counselor. I'm not sure if that's good or bad but we'll see soon.