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I'm currently a university student pursuing a BA in Sociocultural Anthropology however I've been doubting my intentions in getting this degree (it's not the most useful degree and it's just an easy... Read More

  1. by   lindarn
    Quote from chuckster
    I would second this sentiment unless you really, really want to be a nurse. The job market for new nursing grads is very weak and in my opinion, will continue to be so for an extended period. Less than 40% of my graduating class from 2009 have been able to find jobs and the rate for the 2010 grads is something closer to 10%. While this is SE Pennsylvania, the situation is similar in NY, NJ, CA and AZ - these are the only states I've looked at the data for though I strongly suspect this is a national trend.

    A quick look at the job postings in your area can give you some idea. In SE PA, there seems to be more postings for OT and PT positions than for RNs.
    Just to add to my above posting: I have been a nurse since 1975. Nursing was never great with staffing ratios, (always too many patients), lack of respect, poor pay and benefits, but at least, you could take care of your patients, and the paperwork was just nurses notes. Visitors did not camp out 24/7, in the patients' rooms, and we had VISITING HOURSE THAT WERE STRICTLY ENFORCED!!
    Fast forward 20 years.

    Nursing has gone to hell in a handbasket. I would choose another career besides nursing. Or if you have the interest, go for CRNA, or NP. Just stay away from bedside nursing, or just do the minimum to become an Advanced Practice Nurse of some flavor.

    There is absolutely no quality of life as a bedside nurse. What little there used to be is long gone.

    As usual:
    JMHO and my NY $0.02.
    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
  2. by   ImThatGuy
    As others have noted, nursing isn't the marketable major it once was. Another avenue you may consider, if graduate school is for you, would be physician assistant (PA) school. You could probably finish all the prereqs for a PA program in two years, and you've already got a year and a half to go to finish your degree. It's all be doable simultaneously most likely. They like patient care work experience prior to enrollment so you could get a tech or aid job in the mean time. Just a thought. If I were starting over at 18 again that's what I'd set my sights on.
  3. by   alwaysfaithful
    If I can change back time I would get a BSN. Right after high school I went to a university got a BA in Child Development that will probably be useless to me. The only reason why i got a ba degree is because of my family educational guidelines and I didnt know I wanted to become a nurse til my senior year in college. But if i knew I wanted to get into nursing when i was in college, my life would be different.
    It doesnt matter what degree you get, as long as you can acheived it, and you have a passion for it. Education will always be there for you to fall back on. So, maybe a degree in Sociocultural Anthropology might benefit you if others falls out. But for me, if nursing school doesnt work out (which I hope it does!!) I can fall back on my other degree.