drop out and become RN or finish prerequisites for BSN?

  1. Hello, I am a current sophomore who needs advice on what path i should take. I currently go to a D1 college and compete as well in cross coutnry/track. My freshman year, i had to take a remedial math course, which has set me back. It looks as if it might be unrealistic to pursue nursing as a 4 year bsn. This semester i am only taking 12 credits. freshman year i was able to knock out the prereqs of bio 1100, and the lbsts along with psych and sociology. This semester i am taking chem 1200 (bc i am not good at chemistry) college algebra, a writing class, and anthropology(didnt know what else to take). Next semester is when i will take the real chemistry (chem 1251L) along with statistics. In the summer i could plan on taking chem 1252L (general chemistry 2) along with Anatomy 1L. This would mean i would be left with having to take microbio with Lab, anatomy 2 with Lab, human growth and development, and general nutrition for the fall semester of junior year. Does that sound reasonable? I know i'm not dumb, I just messed up in highschool. My current GPA is 3.2 and will work this semester towards an even higher one. My other option is to drop out, go to community college for the RN, and get the BSN later through an RN-BSN program. I would rather not do that though. I also understand if i do get into the nursing program, i will likely have to stop running.
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    If you're looking to raise your GPA, taking anatomy and chemistry over the summer is probably not a good idea. I'd also encourage you to further explore the community college program you're interested in. You may not be a competitive candidate for entry, even if you meet the minimum requirements to apply.
  4. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    People often make the mistake of thinking community college nursing programs are easier to get into. The only thing that's "easier" is that you generally need fewer classes to get in - but the programs are still very competitive.

    Don't rush the sciences. They are usually worth more credits and weigh heavily in the decision of some programs.