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Ok. Basic question here, but I'd like to know. I had a question arise that stated: 'you are ordered to draw up 40 units of Insulin in a needle. How much do you draw up?' Answers were: .4... Read More

  1. by   WhyattMorgansMom
    Quote from cursedandblessed
    what you said, is exactly why insulin has to be double checked by two nurses.

    i know it's not really funny, but i'm picturing someone coming in with one of those huge syringe's we flush peg's with, and you going omg let me out of here.
    i am giggling at that one too! except it has happened (about 7 years ago)! someone came in with a huge syringe, and as i always ask, "what is that!" she replied, "oho, your insulin." i almost came unglued!! i first let her know that no it is not!! also reminded her, i use an insulin pump and that is more insulin than i use in a month!!! she turned around (ahsen color too) and as i watched her at the desk, the don was there and about flipped as well! i don't remember ever seeing her again (i was in 5 days) as well as noone came to me with a syringe or insulin again. i do remember the don coming in and giving me flowers and a balloon and a "get well card, from the floor" really soon after that though! :-)
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    What kind of a question is that?