Dragonfly What do you think?

  1. There was something Kevin Costner said in that movie that made me choak. You hear the same misconceptions over and over again by the public. He played an ER physician who said, "the last face a person sees is usually an ER physicians". I did not appreciate that because frankly I don't think it is true. The last face a person usually sees in this country is probably the face of a medic or ER nurse. What do you think? I would say the chance of seeing an physician's face is about 1 in 5 if that.
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  3. by   P_RN
    I haven't seen it yet. Kevin C. has had so many disappointing movies that I doubt I'll go see it. Possible it will be in video or on the satellite soon.

    I agree. If they are in the ER, the nurse or Medic is more likely. The doc is either over at the counter writing or out at the desk. I guess if there is an active code going on the doc may possibly be in sight then