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Did any of you happen to see "The Today Show" this morning? They did an interview with a woman, and of course her lawyer, who had a double masectomy because she was told she had breast cancer. Then... Read More

  1. by   Sleepyeyes
    ((((mona)))) and ((((carol)))))

    thanks for sharing your stories. I, too, feel that this woman's body image and sexuality have been irrevocably altered, and $250,000 just won't be enough to compensate for this mistake.

    bad enough to have a reason to have a mastectomy; to discover that it was an unnecessary surgery, is awful.

    To those of you who believe that since the woman was finally diagnosed without cancer:
    your attitude reminds me of rape cases of years ago, when the victims were often told, "well, you were raped, but at least you weren't hurt."

    And re: her "composure:" (shock?)

    If that happened to me and I had to talk publicly about it, they'd have to give me a whole lotta Valium....
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