Dosage Calc. Formulas

  1. I have to take a dosage calc. exam to clep basic dosage calc. I am trying to find all of the basic formulas you know


    If anyone knows a good book that contains all
    formulas for medical dosage calculation please
    list it here. or if you know
    the formulas just list those
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    The book we used was EXCELLENT! and it was reasonably priced as well. Workbook format, with an answer key in the back. It covers every type of calculation, heparin drips, bolus calculations, body surface area calculations, etc. The name is:

    Calculate with Confidence by Deborah C. Grey

    the ISBN number is 0-8151-2607-7 and I believe that it is available through amazon. I paid 29 dollars for it new, but used copies are usually available (however, getting it new means that the blanks are clear, and you can work through it yourself).

    I have also heard from other students here that the "Incredibly Easy" book series are good, and they do have one for dosage calc. Good luck, once you get it down, its easy to apply and remember.

  4. by   CCU NRS
    Hey thanks I will probably try the Library first and just check it out long enough to take this test. It sounds like a good buy for a later date and handy to have around for the duration of the career.

    Thanks again, Larry
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  6. by   Michelle_nurse
    Total volume to infuse multiplied by drip factor
    Total # of minutes
  7. by   CCU NRS
    Hey that was Just what I needed I was able to go there and brush up and get used to using the formulas. Thanks Big Time